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“ Sifang “ Fish Meal Machine After-sales Team Are Ready To Go
Dec 07, 2018

 Sifang  Fish Meal Machine After-sales Team are Ready to Go for 2019

In 2018, ‘ Sifang ‘ after-sales team makes good contributions and plays very important role in fish meal machine installation, commission and Maintenance. They are in India, Oman, Yemen, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, South Africa, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, etc. And customers’ feedback with satisfactions highly affirmed our work. And after short rest, we will go for 2019 with enthusiasm.

 Sifang  2018 Annual Sales Performance of Fish Meal Machine and Fish Meal Create A New Record

With one year hard work of Sifang’ every department ( Technical Dept., Foreign Sales Dept., Engineering dept., Production dept., General Logistics Dept., ), 2018 annual sales performance increase by 30%, nearly 35-40 million USD. In 2018, we developed new markets, and continue to strengthen regular markets, like India, Vietnam and Africa. Most regularly customers in 2018 already ordered new fish meal machines for new plant. In 2019, Sifang will still work hard, and grow steadily.

年销售配图 INDIA(001)

Big Fish Meal Machine Order Confirmed in December, 2018

Thanks for our customers’ trusting. December , 2018, we confirm new order with Mauritania customer. 2 Sets of Fish Meal Machine production line. They brought one line already last 5 years.  

Big Fish Meal Machine Order    毛里塔尼亚客户 Mauritania(001)