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Conveyor System

    Food Grade Metal Detectors

    Super high detection sensitivity to accurately detect and remove the metal mixed in raw material, so as to avoid the abnormal damage to the machinery.

    Horizontal Screw Conveyor

    Installed in the bottom of raw fish pond for the storage of a certain amount of raw fish. Feeding raw material uniformly continuous by conveyor to the whole production line.

    Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor

    It is used for the connection between each equipment of the whole production line, and for the material transfer.

    Air Cooling Screw Conveyor

    Installed after the fish meal output process of Drier to remove the most of the water vapor that comes from the fish meal during the conveying process, and achieve the cooling effect.

    Trough Screw Conveyors

    Used for finished fish meal transmission, especially for long-distance conveying.

    Pre-press Screw Conveyor

    Used for the connection of Cooker and Presser to pre-press the material that comes from the Cooker and remove parts of oil and moisture,

    Belt Metal Detector

    Super high detection sensitivity for metal detecting.
    Flexible digital sensitivity control and multiple manual setting function
    Equipped with belt conveyor

    Permanent Magnet Slide

    With electric magnet for Iron-removed, so as to avoid the abnormal damage to the machinery and make sure the safe operation.

    Raw Fish Crusher

    To cut large fish into smaller pieces before feeding into Cooker so as to ensure the cut material in even size and a steady cooking speed and best effect of cooking.

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