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Energy Saving In Fish Meal Plant , To Install DIRECT CONDENSATE RETURN SYSTEM
Feb 25, 2019


( Condenser Water Recovery Device ) 

Direct Condensate Return System

Save up to 12% of your boiler fuel oil consumption and save

boiler feedwater and boiler chemicals.

  • For all types of driers, cookers and sterilizers that use for indirect heating.

  • The system pumps the pressurized hot condensate directly into the boiler in a completely closed system and without loss of flash steam.

  • Example (see chart ) : a drier operating at 6 bar steam pressure will lose 12% flash steam after the steam trap when condensate boils to reduce the temperature from 164˚C to 100˚C

  • Automatic operation; if the pump stops, the system automatically switched over to normal steam trap operation. Single or multiple boiler installation

The system comes in a compact unit and consist of:

  • Receiver tank (certified for 10 bar).

  • High temperature, high pressure pump.

  • Flow controllers and level switch.

  • Automatic by pass systems using a steam trap.

  • Electric control panel.

  • Safety high water level switch for the boiler.

  • Installation and commissioning included.