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How To Choose A Fishmeal Plant With Suitable Fish Meal Machines
Feb 25, 2019


Most fishmeal plants in Asia process lean fish and fishwaste, and Sifang "LFP = Lean Fish Plants" are very simple to operate and maintain. Lean fish has max. 3% oil content in the raw fish and can process anything, raw fish and fish waste and tuna scrap and bone with intestines, even rotten fish, shrimp heads and shell and semi dried fish. The number 30/60/80/150 indicates the capacity in fish input in tons per 24 hours.

And LFP plant consist mainly of a heavy duty disc drier that simply removes the water from the fish. Some types of fish like sardine, cat fish and larger fish like some brands of tuna (including intestine) have so much oil content that an Sifang "OFP - Oily Fish Plant" must be used.
OFP oily fish plants have more machinery, are more complex and need higher skilled operators, and also more automation is used for OFP plants. Waste Heat Evaporators can be installed with OFP plants to save up to 40% of the steam consumption.

Note that a LFP lean fish plant can later be modified to be an OFP oily fish plant.


Fishmeal plants that operate 46% of the year (250 days, 16 hours per day out of 365 days = 4,000 hours out of total 8,760 hours per year) is considered good. As a guideline, the break even point for most fishmeal plants is about 25% operation per year.
Buy the plant with 30-40% more capacity than your average daily supply of fish. Make sure that you during the high season can process 100% of you fish supply, even if you have to run 24 hours per day. Four tons of fish give about one ton of fishmeal. The freshness of fish and careful, low temperature drying is the key to good fishmeal, mix the fish with ice if you have to store the fish for a longer period of time.
"A good fishmeal plant shall run trouble free for at least 10-15 years, and is the reason why fishmeal producers buy Sifang plants."